Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Oh yes, the blog

I have some excuses...

The tour was heavy - that's the Of Mice and Men tour fantastic reviews by the way.

Straight after it finished I went to Bahrain to see my neice. Ahhh.

Then my boyfriend left me. Not so Ahh.

I went home to the folks for Christmas and now I'm unemployed and looking for a new home.

So the blog was put on hold a little. It will all pick up agian tomorrow. We'll have a star birthday, an update on my acting gigs coming up (2 whole plays) and I'll even start a countdown of the 20 films I'm most looking forward to in 2009.

For the moment here is a photo of the cast of Of Mice and Men. This was early on in the tour so we all still look awake:

In case you're wondering I'm the guy on the left with the broken nose and receeding hair - gotta love being a character actor....