Thursday, 11 February 2010

Burt Reynolds

Happy Birthday to

Burt Reynolds

74 today

As tempting as it is to celebrate the 18th of Taylor Lautner this morning, I've decided to stick with a man who's already proved that he's an enduring sex symbol. Burt rose to fame following his knockout performance in Deliverance, which he followed by 2 decades of poorly picked projects which he, as an performer, managed to rise above. Critically his best success came in the late 90's as Porn film direcor Jack Horner in Boogie Nights.

Talking about porn, one of his major turning points as a star was his centrefold in Cosmopolitan (1972). I wonder if Taylor would ever do that?


TomS said...

Ben, I had almost forgotten about Burt Reynolds. He was a strange sort of celebrity in the '70's. He really coasted on the sex-symbol thing, and the centerfold was quite a scandal at the time. I enjoyed Boogie Nights a lot, but did not find Reynolds to be the standout. Hard to imagine now that he and Sally Field were a hot item!

Runs Like A Gay said...

It's really hard to imagine Burt and Sally, isn't it?

I wonder what they talked about during breakfast?