Friday, 26 March 2010

James Caan

Happy Birthday to

James Caan

70 today

Caan, to many film fans, will forever be associated with the Corleone family. Regardless of the positive work he has contributed to other films like Dogville or Misery it's always his gangster work that the fans respond to. I suppose I can understand his recorded dislike of being pigeonholed, but perhaps it's due to his general poor chpice of roles. Up for many classic parts (including One flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and Close Encounters) he steered clear away leaving few massive hits on his CV. Assuming it ever gets released I'll next see him in New York, I Love You.


TomS said...

New York I Love You is on it available there across the ocean?

To us Chicagoans, Caan will most likely be remembered best as Brian Piccolo, tragic po-football player for the Chicago Bears (and best friend of Gayle Sayers) in the '60's. Made-for-TV and aired a year or two before "The Godfather"s release, "Brian's Song" was called a male "Love Story" for its ability to reduce audiences of men to tears.

Great post Ben.

Runs Like A Gay said...

Hi Tom,

It's still yet to come out over this side on the pond. It did have a realease date in April, but now it's shifted back to an unspecified June release. Fingers crossed I'll get to see it soon.

"Brian's Song" sounds fab!

Glad to see you're still checking in for my (pre-written) posts - the tour finishes next week, after which I'mmoving to Manchester but after Easter I should be back on a more permanent basis.