Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Personal News (09/11/11)

I have been so awfully remiss lately, failing to keep you all up to scratch about the real world of Ben Rigby, although this is mainly because I've been so busy with things I've hardly had a chance to write.

Anyway the point is last night saw the press opening of Lloyd Eyre-Morgan's latest piece, Celluloid.

"Dawn is perceived by the world around her as a role model single mother, an academic medical professional supporting two children. Behind close doors it's a different story, Dawn is breaking down , her life and mental stability crumbles slowly around her as her family unit breaks down. Her therapist Dave is on hand to help, however is something more sinister at work, is he the cause of her mental breakdown?
Dawn's 15 year old son Joshua for years has escaped his family dysfunction by watching the world from behind a camera lens, creating fiction through filming the world around him. Whilst daughter Nicola finds darker alternate methods to escape her mother.
However, through moments from the past captured on celluloid, secrets will be revealed, and remember the camera never lies."

Tickets are available on the door, but they are extremely limited so if you would like to go to see this emotional roller-coaster of a production I suggest you arrive at the Three Minute Theatre, Affleck's, Oldham St., Manchester very early any night this week.

I look forward to seeing you there.

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