Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Tuesday Trailers - Frantic Friday

Runs like a Gay needs you!

Sometimes I have to make tough decisions, a couple of weeks ago I watched Ides of March and Tintin but at the time of writing I still haven't caught up The Help, hopefully I will - given the impact the film will probably make on the awards season - but maybe the choices about what I saw that weekend are now cast in stone. We can't go back.

But in 17 days time I have an even tougher decision. There are four films released which I have been following since the idea was first put together, or since before this blog was invented in one case, and I probably won't have the opportunity to see them all. So which ones do I prioritise, how do I make Ben's choice?

This is why I need you, dear reader, the trailers are presented in alphabetical order here, but in the comments I'd like you to rank the possibilities in order that I should see them. I'll go by the consensus opinion.

The Big Year

I suspect the least votes will go to this fairly inoffensive comedy starring Steve Martin, Jack Black and Owen Wilson especially given it's atrocious opening over in the States (yet to pass $7m domestic), but I did list it in my top 20 for 2011 so maybe I owe it something.

Happy Feet Two

The trailers don't seem to be selling this animated sequel terribly well, but then expectations for the original were pretty low and it went on to win the Best Animated Oscar. I simply don't see enough animated films, which explains why I'm considering this.


On paper Martin Scorsese's latest movie is easily the top choice, with it's elaborate production and central love story to early cinema and 1920's Paris it could be unmissable. That said it's a children's film and early word has been complimentary but hardly gushing.


Finally we have Kenneth Lonergan's very long awaited follow-up to You Can Count on Me which has sat in post production since Matt Damon and Anna Paquin looked very young. This will almost certainly be the hardest to watch on this list with a suspected limited release pattern.

I'm fairly open minded so write in nominations for other films opening in the UK on 02 December 2011 may also be considered but they will need a lot of support.


Julie the Jarhead said...

Definitely HAPPY FEET TWO.

The others look awfully pretentious.

TomS said...

Wow...Some interesting choices...
If you had to see only one, I think Hugo is it. It will generate more dicsusion, and has more "meat" to it (cinematic artistry, the Scorsese name). It's the one that interests me most, and I am anxious to get your take on it. Also wonder if Scorsese's brand of filmmaking lends itself to the 3-D bandwagon.

All the others: I suppose under duress, I would go with The Big Year, first, followed by...man, I don't know! I just can't imagine the animated sequel would hold any interest, and "Margaret" seems like amateur psychodrama.