Saturday, 12 November 2011

Ryan Gosling

Happy Birthday to

Ryan Gosling

31 today

Riding high, with two well-received dramatic turns in the last few months, Gosling's come a long way since his Mickey Mouse Club days, or since his energetic turn in Murder by Numbers - I'll never forget how he licked Sandra Bullock. Coming up next, and where this picture comes from, we'll see him reunite with Derek Cianfrance on stunt motorcyclist epic Place Beyond the Pines.


Alex in Movieland said...

you could've found a better picture, really :D

but I love my Ryan. he should've had at least 3 Oscar nominations by now, including for Lars & Valentine.

TomS said...

I am becoming a real fan of Gosling. I never saw this photo of him...I kind of like its ruggedness!