Saturday, 19 February 2011

Benicio Del Toro

Happy Birthday to

Benicio Del Toro

44 today

2010 was a disappointing year for Del Toro fans, firstly Wolfman was... (words fail me) then his cameo in Somewhere may have been a highlight but it wasn't enough to redeem the movie, and the constant Three Stooges gossip and set backs means he probably won't be seen in 2011 either. Shame.


TomS said...

Seems like Javier Bardem is stepping into Del Toro's old spotlight. Hard to imagine Bardem doing a film like Wolfman... Too bad because I like del Toro , he's brooding and playful.

Runs Like A Gay said...

He's just been making very odd choices. Unlike Bardem of course Del Toro built up his career in Hollywood (Fearless, Usual Suspects) and doesn't have the luxury of being able to fall back onto a body of European work.