Saturday, 5 February 2011

Eye of the Tiger (Out this week - 04/02/11)

Really quiet week with only five releases, however it's still been tough choosing the top film due to the competitive nature at the top of the tree. With top Oscar nominated films vying for the title I think I've naturally imagined the two heavy hitters in the ring and with that sort of attitude it's no surprise that The Fighter is the film of the week.

The Fighter

David O. Russell has proven to be a quality director several times before (even if his methods can be questionable) but this is the first time his movies have made it to the Oscars with his true-life boxing fable.

Runs like a Gay Excitometer: ●●●●●●●●●○

Rabbit Hole

Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart try to rebuild their lives following he untimely death of their four year old son, based on David Lindsay-Abaire's award winning play.

Runs like a Gay Excitometer: ●●●●●●●●●○

Brighton Rock

Grahame Greene's gangster novel gets it's second big screen treatment, and unfortunately can't seem to get out of the shadow of it's 1947 counterpart. Helen Mirren and JOhn Hurt provide support to Sam Riley as Pinkie.

Runs like a Gay Excitometer: ●●●●●○○○○○

Little Bit of Heaven

Kate Hudson falls in love with Cancer specialist Gael Garcia Bernal as he tells her she's dying. Not sure if that sunds at all workable as a premise. Kathy Bates and Whoopi Goldberg (as an angel?) turn up in minor roles.

Runs like a Gay Excitometer: ●●●●○○○○○○


James Cameron puts his 3D producer name on the poster for this familiar looking disaster movie with a bunch of b-list actors caught in a big cave as it floods and desperately fight to escape. Trailer looks OK.

Runs like a Gay Excitometer: ●●●○○○○○○○

And naturally I missed one last week:

Men on the Bridge

Three men working and waiting on the Bosphorus bridge in Istanbul find their lives intersecting in this slice of life European drama which uses non-professional actors.

Runs like a Gay Excitometer: ●●●○○○○○○○

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