Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Sophia Loren

Happy Birthday to

Sophia Loren

77 today

How few actresses can actually be called legends? Let's be frank to reach that sort of level of fame the performer must transcend their roles and define a type. The Italian beauty (who owes it all to spaghetti) has such an infamous personality it's actually bigger than most of her roles. Shame because in between all the "being" La Loren there were a few superb performances.


TomS said...

She is a true legend. One superb performance that should not be missed is "Two Women". I hope spaghetti will have treated me so well when I have reached age 77!

Runs Like A Gay said...

Two Women is an interesting film that I'd like to see a better version of - having only watched a badly dubbed TV presentation I feel like I've missed Sohpia's great performance.