Friday, 30 September 2011

It ended when you said Goodbye (Out this week - 30/09/11)

It's the second week in a row with two films vying for my attention so much that I'll have to watch them both, although unlike last week there's a large gap between the first and second choice movie - one of which is earning "masterpiece" accolades from Europhile critics (sorry to the von Trier detracters but that's what I'm hearing). Indeed the top end releases have including some incredible pieces this month, and hopefully this sort of high quality will continue into October. Elsewhere fighting to capture the top of the box office charts from that Tinker film will be the usual ragtag of low grade horror and Twiglit escaping thrillers. Unsurprisingly film of the week is Melancholia.


If you would choose any auteur to film the end of the world you might just ask Danish trickster Lars von Trier, as famous for his twisted worldview and headline grabbing personality as his filmmaking, he is still capable of bravura directorial choices finding beauty in the most extreme subjects. Definitely one to watch.

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The Debt

This remake of a critically and commercially successful Isreali film (Ha-Hov) has been delayed whilst the studio was sold under it, that said it's delicious cast, headed by Helen Mirren and Jessica Chastain, certainly look like they're worth the wait.

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Guilty of Romance

From Shion Sono, the director of 2008's Love Exposure comes another look at the searing passions and sensual depravity lurking under the veneer of Japanese society.

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Red State

After an appalling run with the studio system it's good to see Kevin Smith return to his indie roots, even if his bizarre stunt at Sundance (read it here) was a case of biting off the hand that feeds it, with a a balanced indictment of fundamentalism on all sides of the religious debate and the seductiveness of false prophets. Melissa Leo and John Goodman are the names, Michael Parks is getting all the good ink.

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It's test time for wolf-pack alumni Taylor Lautner as he and his magnificent abs go up against a shadowy Government organisation which may have bred him as super-weapon. Like Hanna but without the style somehow Sigourney Weaver has been dragged into this mess.

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Silly looking Hindi crime drama with the murder of a Bollywood starlet pointing to several high profile suspects both within the industry and it's improbable mob connections.

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Part of the supposed new wave of Bollywood, combining traditional styles with explosive Americanized action we follow John Abraham as a cop only too willing to dish out his own form of front line justice.

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It's a Tamil remake of Strangers on a Train, only they're in a car on the road to Chennai. And there will be more singing.

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Red, White and Blue

American indie about confused patriotism, sexual powerplay and the wraught emotions in three seemingly disconnected Austinites. Sure to have your loyalties shifting through the running time.

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Speedy Singhs

Canadian about an all Asian Ice Hockey team and the choices it's founder and star player must face up to regarding his religious beliefs and family loyalty. Vinay Virmani stars with Rob Lowe providing support.

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The Woman

As far as I can gather from the plot synopsis this is Nell where Jodie Foster turns out to be a homicidal maniac intent on destroying Liam Neeson's suburban idyll. Probably unwatchable.

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Broken Lines

Some films stay on the shelf for a reason, and so it might be for this British family drama about grief and the "struggle between betraying another or oneself". Tedious trailer.

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Shark Night 3D

The usual bunch of vacuous sexy teens find the lake they're partying at isn't quite as placid and gentle as they'd hoped, especially given there's a murderous bunch of locals who've stuffed the waters with hungry fishes.

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What's Your Number

The concept of this female centric rom-com should work, with the usually reliable Anna Faris going through her exes to find the one who was probably the real thing. Unfortunately a distinct lack of laughs in the trailer and the slight digs at feminism probably work against the pictures chances.

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