Sunday, 11 September 2011

Experian Robin Hood Festival of Running

And we're off:

The Experian Robin Hood Marathon in the gorgeous city of Nottingham has just started. Somewhere in the crowds I'm there ready to take on the 26 and a bit mile course, hoping this will be the year I finally break the four hour mark.

In the last week up to now I've been out for a few ultra short runs just to keep me going but without pushing me to the limit.

5 runs
17.7 miles
2 hours 17 minutes

So that's an average speed of 7.70 mph.

I've been on quite a journey this year, I've been training since February, losing over 3.5 stone and my weekly average pace has gone from less than 6 mph to over 7.5 mph. In all this time I've been out 155 times completing 879 miles. That's further than the distance from Land's end to John O'Groats, and roughly equates to the length of California from the Oregon to Mexican borders!

Anyway please wish me luck, or spend a couple of moments today thinking about the runners of Notts. Cheers Ben

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