Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Adrien Brody

Happy Birthday to

Adrien Brody

37 today

Career-wise I'm not sure of what to make of the Academy Awards youngest ever best Actor winner. On the one hand he has done plenty of high-profile pictures in the last 5 years (The Village, King Kong, Cadillac Records) but on the other hand he still appears to be a niche actor who is barely noticeable in those films. Next up is Predators (which I confess I have no interest in seeing) but it could be his last chance to prove he can holdthe centre of a big effects movie.


TomS said...

Adrian Brody was the beneficiary of a great role under a consummate director. He is hard to cast, I think, because he doesn't have the matinee-idol appearance, and studios no longer want to produce the kind of humanistic stories that made Dustin Hoffman a star.
Too bad, he is very good but has not been offered the right properties for his talents.

Runs Like A Gay said...

He's been trying in the last couple. Hollywoodland, The Darjeeling Express and The Brothers Bloom were all character driven but they never really took off.

The humanistic stories are still there but they just don't sell - can you therefore blame Hollywood?

TomS said...

Yes I do blame Hollywood to a large degree. They have forgotten how to promote these films, or else they don't find them worthy of the effort. Or the films themselves are offered to a very narrow audience to begin with.

I think "The Graduate" would fail if made today. "Midnight Cowboy", could not even get a green light now.

Studios have so much at stake in the mainstream blockbusters, that they don't care to find a wider audience for "Darjeeling" or "Bloom". If the desire were created, viewers would have come.

...or anyway, that's my humble opinion, LOL....

Runs Like A Gay said...

You're right, the studios have forgotten how to market adult orintatd pictures, with their naive focus on the opening weekend.

Both Duplicity and State of Play last year were solid, star driven, action thrillers but they did poorly in the gate and the ads just disappeared.

It's a shame because both of those films would've done much better back in the 70's - although their flaws would've stuck out more.