Wednesday, 7 April 2010

James Garner

Happy Birthday to

James Garner

82 today

A true star of the small and big screens James was wowing fans back in "Maverick" during the late 50's before he made the smooth transition to cinema. My perfect Garner moment is that sly old grin when he sees Julie Andrews naked in Victor/Victoria and knows he's been right all along. What yours?


TomS said...

What a likeable presence Garner has on screen! And a varied resume, everything from "The Children's Hour" to "Murphy's Romance" (part of which was filmed in Tempe Arizona, one of my favorite destinations). Hard to believe he is 82!

scruff28 said...

I love Jimmy Garner. I'm a huge Julie fan, which is how I came across his work, he is my favourite on-screen partner for her, they have such a magical, believable chemistry when they work together and all 3 of their films are AMAZING! I also love that smile, but my favourite bit, also from Victor/Victoria, is the first time they kiss in the snow and when he says (in reply to "I'm not a man") "I still don't care" :)

Runs Like A Gay said...

They certainly fit together well, one of the great on-screen partnerships that you rather wish they'd worked together much more than 3 times.

And that's a great scene to point out, thanks for the comment.