Sunday, 11 April 2010

Personal News (11/04/10)

I've been trailering this post for the last week and a bit, so I'm very hopeful that I'll get a few hits on it. In essence it's a breakdown of the recent changes in my life, but maybe it's a lot lot more.

I have now moved to Manchester. It's a vibrant and exciting city with - I hope - a few more chances for me to make my mark. The tour of "Of Mice and Men" is over - I am currently being offered another tour, but I'm still umming and ahhing about that (well it's a workshop based tour rather than show based which might just be tour much like teachig - any thoughts please let me know). I am, of course, unemployed right now. Except for a bar job I'm managed to get for Saturday nights at the Rembrandt on Canal Street, which was a lot of fun last night. And tomorrow I'm spending a couple of hours on stand-by for Office Angels. And today I filmed a student film; Doug. But apart from that it's been very quiet with no longer term prospects coming up.

All this is window dressing, mind, as we move to the reveal of Dead Weight, the short film I made back in January. I have to day I thik it's brilliant. Managing to really accentuate the comedy in the script and the situation. Of course the credit for that lies with the director John Bale and his very talented production company - Project Darklife.

The film has now been accepted for the 3RD BABELGUM ONLINE FILM FESTIVAL - you can watch the film, and vote for it here.


TomS said...

Ben, Best of luck in your new home! I will watch your short film soon.

Seems like we both have a lot to catch up with each other.

I continue to enjoy your posts, and visits.

Take care!


Runs Like A Gay said...

Thank you.

Alex in Movieland said...

ain't it funny? :) I have thought a lot in the last couple of days about a job in Manchester. It was Romanian-related and kind of very well paid...

However, I had problems applying this morning. But it's a nice coincidence anyway. :D

Runs Like A Gay said...

Problems applying.

Tell me you've sorted that... It would be great to find that someone on the blogosphere is actually a real person!