Sunday, 26 June 2011

Eleanor Parker

Happy Birthday to

Eleanor Parker

89 today

I do have a system for choosing the birthdays to celebrate, but it does mean that some performers get repeated more than others, which in turn means I have little to say about some performers that I haven't already said. For instance Ms Parker has had her birthday commemorated 3 times here. Hopefully Alex and Andrew have both caught up on some of her more obscure movies over that time (no pressure chaps). I recently rewatched The Man with the Golden Arm and her ridiculously over the top performance as Frank Sinatra's crippled wife Zosch is delightfully manic.


TomS said...

She will always be the Baroness to me, even though she was awsome as a prison inmate in "Caged".

Runs Like A Gay said...

It's amazing how one role, quite late in her career, has come to dominate her CV. But then Sound of Music is probably one of the most well known and loved movies of all time.