Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Helen Hunt

Happy Birthday to

Helen Hunt

48 today

One of the most discussed oscar shocks came in 1997 when Helen Hunt got caught up in the As Good as it Gets bandwagon and surprisingly won best actress for her deftly comic performance. As always with Oscar there are plenty of detractors however I think it's safe to say she pulled all the stops out and did a grand job, believably falling for Jack Nicholson in full on OCD mode. That said she has hardly done herself any favours with one lacklustre performance after another since then and nothing looking remotely watchable in the future.


TomS said...

Agreed! At the time, it seemed like Hunt was in EVERYTHING! Maybe she suffered from too much exposure.

Runs Like A Gay said...

Ubiquity following an Oscar win is only good when the roles further underline your talents. I like Hunt but she's limited to supporting comedic roles which will rarely get any support from the masses. It's a shame really.