Sunday, 19 June 2011

Marisa Pavan

Happy Birthday to

Marisa Pavan

79 today

By extension it would also be the 79th birthday of her twin sister Pier Angeli. Both sisters burst onto our screens in the early 1950's with Marisa earning an Oscar nod for her understated performance in The Rose Tattoo whilst Pier had the headlines with her affairs with James Dean and frequently co-starring with Paul Newman. That's probably the way it should have been, however I would have loved to see more work from both the sisters as the 60's came along. Marisa retired from acting 20 years ago.


TomS said...

This is SUCH a coincidence... last night (Sunday) as you posted this, a local TV station that specializes in vintage programming aired an old episode of "Alfred Hitchcock Presents", starring Marisa Pavan and John Cassavettes! Wonder if they broadcast this because of her birthday, or if it was just a stroke of irony....
The 30-minute episode, titled "You Got to Have Luck" was made in 1955, and starred Cassavetes as an escaped convict who holds Pavan hostgage in her home.

Runs Like A Gay said...

It does make you wonder if there's a bored programmer who allocates the dates of these shows to coincide with birthdays and some such.

Was it any good? With a 7.6 rating on imdb it falls almost completely in the middle of the programmes quality.