Saturday, 1 October 2011

Julie Andrews

Happy Birthday to

Julie Andrews

76 today

We don't get to see much of Dame Julie, sure she occasionally lends her voices to the Shrek franchise, but rarely is there an opportunity to see her - even fans who went to her comeback concerts saw very little (and heard less, snark snark). So when I heard she has a small role in Garry Marshall's New Years Eve I confess it does make me want to see the film just a little bit more. Missed her in the trailer, mind. For the fans here's one of my favourite vocal performances from Julie, from Victor/Victoria, just close your eyes and think of that "Crazy World".


TomS said...

A real class act. It's tragic that she suffered a premature loss of her voice. Come to think of it, Andrews might be the one most responsible for introducing me to the awe of moviegoing.

Runs Like A Gay said...

She does that. Anyone who can make you believe the sincerity of The Hills are Alive is worth celebrating.