Monday, 18 July 2011

Elizabeth McGovern

Happy Birthday to

Elizabeth McGovern

50 today

Quietly Ms McGovern slipped into two major box office releases last year (Clash of the Titans and Kick Ass) albeit in minor supporting roles. Saying that it doesn't look like she's going to hit those highs with anything coming out in the next couple of years.


TomS said...

(grin) You keep reminding me of "Ordinary People"!

Have you seen the HBO series "Downton Abbey"? I think McGovern, who plays a big role in it, has matured wonderfully.

Alex in Movieland said...

yeah, I was gonna mention Downton Abbey also. surprised u don't have it there. :) also considering the Emmy nom.

I think I've stopped around episode 5. it was getting a bit clicked. great costumes, no Gosford Park though

Runs Like A Gay said...

Hi chaps,

I was thinking about mentioning Downton Abbey as it was originally shown on ITV over here (well before HBO picked it up), as a series in the line of "Upstairs, Downstairs" although it fairly rapidly jumps through history rather than focussing on the minutia of life in a big house, with almost soapy storylines.

Anyway the reason I hadn't was that in my head I mentioned it at her last birthday... but apparently I hadn't.

Anyhoo I tend not to watch TV but I expect she's great in it.