Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Geoffrey Rush

Happy Birthday to

Geoffrey Rush

60 today

It's been a mixed year for the antipodean actor, picking up an Oscar nomination for his superb performance in The King's Speech, but then has had an appalling summer with performances in the two worst critically received blockbusters so far (Pirates and Green Lantern). Next up is the adaptation of Patrick White's novel Eye of the Storm, pictured.


TomS said...

How cool! I share a birthday with Mr. Rush!

(Before I get too big-headed, I also share the day with Sylvester Stallone and George W. Bush.)

I wonder if Rush and Judi Dench have a wager to see which of these achingly talented actors can appear in the most mindless blockbusters between them....

Runs Like A Gay said...

That's a great share. I hope you had a great day.