Saturday, 9 July 2011

Nothing to see here (Film news - 09/07/11)

Why do I bother, eh? I've been checking the news all week and virtually nothing of any interest whatsoever has happened. No really, it's been hopeless. I've had to feed on the scraps of one recycled story and a casting that makes no commercial sense. You would've thought the studios would get together and decide what to release each week to keep film goers like myself tuning in for those exciting snippets of news. As it is I feel like just not bothering looking at the news next week. Harumph...

Old Boy

There has been occasional discussions about an English language remake of Chan-wook Park's 2003 Korean Revenge masterpiece for some time, but over the last few days it re-surfaced with Spike Lee the latest director attached to the project, allegedly working from a script by Mark "I am Legend" Protosevich. There's no news yet on whether Will Smith, who was originally attached to the remake back in 2008, will be returning to the project but with a basically free schedule (after MIB3 and before his M. Night Shyamalan vehicle) and given the chance to work with a firebrand like Lee I can only imagine he'll jump at the chance.

Squid auditions will no doubt be called soon.

Read on for naff all bar an unlikely casting call.

Casting News

And on to the one and only casting rumour, that Danny Boyle is considering Colin Firth and Scarlett Johannson for his latest crime flick Trance. My concern here is from memory the art-heist concept isn't a million miles away from the con-artists after old master plot of Gambit currently filming in London with Colin Firth. Isn't there an issue with the roles being too similar or am I remembering the plots incorrectly?

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