Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Jesse Eisenberg

Happy Birthday to

Jesse Eisenberg

28 today

The New York native is heading into a vital strategic place in his career, in the past he's always been known as the nerdy geek but last years Social Network revealed a hitherto hidden depth and it'll be interesting to see what types of roles he gets offered/goes for in the next few years. I'm curious to see how Woody Allen alike he is in Woody Allen's Italian venture The Bop Decameron.


TomS said...

While I am not convinced of Eisenberg's staying power, he could be this generation's Dustin Hoffman if he picks and chooses his roles corectly. He needs to find his own ""Ratso Rizzo, to play a role completely against type, and surprise everyone with his range, and potential. Does he have it in him?

Runs Like A Gay said...

Wasn't the borderline autistic Zuckenberg playing against Jesse's type? Although I see your point - he needs to break out with something completely unexpected.