Friday, 21 October 2011

Sniffle sniffle (Out this week - 21/10/11)

Last week the huge selection of high profile big ticket releases none of them managed to take the box office lead over the Rowan Atkinson's spy spoof so this week where the most significant release is about germs then I suspect Johnny English is going to hang on for another week. There's some pretty decent arthouse fare this week to, so whatever you're into you know your local cinema's going to provide for your niche. Film of the week is, drum role please, Contagion.


I had Steven Soderbergh's flu thriller at the top of my most anticipated movies for 2011, and whilst my enthusiasm has dipped a little it's a natural choice for the top film this week, with it's souped up cast list and chilly directorial style I expect the only fun to be had is trying to figure which famous face will be the next to go.

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We need to Talk about Kevin

Tilda Swinton has another career defining performance, in a CV dominated by them, as the helpless and hapless mother to a monster in the film adaptation of Lionel Shriver's devastating novel. John C. Reilly and Ezra Miller co-star.

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Or The Yellow Sea. South Korean hitman movie that comes as a timely reminded that some of the most exciting action work takes place in the far East. Our anti-hero is a gabling addicted cabbie who signs up for murder in order to repay his debst and get his wife back, but will he only have to kill the once?

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It's fair to say that Gus van Sant's latest film, which clearly apes the feel of Harold and Maude or Love Story (doomed protagonists you see) as well as a touch of magical realism in the form of a kamikaze ghost, is unique and original, but when renowned critic Armond White says it's the worst film he's seen this year you have to wonder if there's something in his comments.

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The Turkish film industry is a bit of a mystery to me, whilst reasonably prolific only a few films make it over here and the releases are sporadic without a feel for the community. This part-thriller, part plea for religious tolerance, features an action heavy plot interrupted by CIA backed telepaths. Yes, you heard that right.

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More concept than movie the single set (an abandoned warehouse, please) London thriller with character types (cuckold, private eye, lover and wife) trying to get the upper hand following a kidnapping.

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Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer

The first of two movie aimed at the pre-teen girl market (it's half-term didn't you know) concerns the titular third grader making the most of her vacation. Presumably she doesn't waste time with movies like this.

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Monte Carlo

Or if you're slightly older you may want to try this mistaken identity whirldwind romance, with three cash strapped American's suddenly the centre of a media storm in Monaco when one looks like a ringer for a British heiress. Isn't it usually the other way round?

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Paranormal Activity 3

I had completed forgotten that Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman were directing this second sequel, straight from the success of their was it or wasn't it a documentary Catfish. No way of hiding the reality of this unanticipated trip back in time to watch a ghost do nothing.

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Reuniting the Rubins

If Honor Blackman were my Grandmother I suspect I'd want to make up wit my estranged siblings on her death bed, if only to get her to say how much she loves us in that husky Pussy Galore voice. So there's the premise of this Brit comedy almost ruined because you couldn't stay angry for long, pity.

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TomS said...

Still have to see "Contagion"...maybe this weekend! I missed "Kevin" at the film festival, and so I am excited about its general release. "Restless" played for one week and now is gone. "Paranormal", while not my cup of tea, is getting a good reaction from viewers and critics here so far.

Runs Like A Gay said...

I saw Contagion and Restless yesterday. One was fine the other awful, neither were really worth the visit to the cinema. Should have seen Kevin!

I've yet to read a review of Paranormal Activity. All the UK critics have collectively decided not to watch it retrospectively having not been shown it in advance.