Sunday, 16 October 2011

Running (16/10/11)

On the off chance you're a regular reader of my running posts you will know that 5 weeks ago today I was due to complete the Nottingham Marathon, the culmination of over 30 weeks of training. You will also have spotted that I hadn't shared my results. I kept quiet because, frankly, I was a touch ashamed. After 14 miles my knee gave out and I had to retire from the race. Now after a few days on crutches and a few physiotherapy sessions, not to mention a four week rest, I've started back on an easy routine. There's ache, but not the pain there was, but I'm not feeling 100% yet. Anyway this week:

5 runs
12.9 miles
1 hours 43 minutes

So that's an average speed of 7.50 mph

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