Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Clint Eastwood

Happy Birthday to

Clint Eastwood

81 today

Is it OK to still label Clint predominantly as an actor? Surely by now his accomplishments as a director massively outweigh his on-screen work. Apparently not, earlier this year Clint was the embodiment of the Spirit of the West in Rango, albeit voiced by Timothy Olyphant. Next up for the octogenarian is the Leonardo DiCaprio starring biopic J. Edgar which has recently shifted on imdb to being a 2011 film, so I think Leo can probably start clearing his mantlepiece for the oscar now.


TomS said...

Fun trivia; One of Eastwood's earliest speaking role was as a fighter pilot in a sci-fi film called "Tarantula"...which I own on VHS....hilarious...

I am looking forward to "J. Edgar" not so much for Leo but for his co-star (and suppsedly romantic partner in the film) Armie Hammer. Worth investigating!

Runs Like A Gay said...

Tarantula sounds perfect, I've got to find that one day.

Whilst I'm looking forward to J. Edgar I do worry a little about that central relationship, it's not been served well in the past, and nothing in Clint's past suggests he be able to change that. Of course I'm open to the possibility I'm wrong.