Monday, 9 May 2011

Running (08/05/11)

I'm very disappointted with my efforts this week - a major step back on th claim that I could run a marathon. In fact I did (not as a race just as me on my own) by I did it in an awfully slow time (some 20 minutes longer than my worst actual marathon) and had to walk a couple of miles. Must work out how to break that wall...

4 runs
33.5 miles
5 hours 36 minutes

So that's an average speed of 5.99 mph (the slowest I've been in 12 weeks.)

This also marks the end of a 14 week cycle, stand by for a couple of easier weeks before I start pushing myself again. Over those 14 weeks I've run:

64 runs
310.8 miles
2 Days 0 hours 50 minutes

So that's an average speed of 6.36 mph.

That's near enough the distance from my house to Bodmin in Cornwall. Much further and I'd have had to swim!

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