Monday, 23 May 2011

Personal (23/05/11)

Just a quick note of catch up. I found out this week that I didn't get into either of the Drama Schools I applied for - which maybe explains why I've been a little pissy in the comments this weekend. It's a shame as I would've liked the opportunity to go back to learning mode - that said it opens up as many doors as it closes. I've been offered another month with Theatre& which I've accepted and I've applied for some fringe productions (the first audition is next weekend) but I need to think long and hard about how to move my career into a new phase - any advice would be greatly appreciated right now.

By the way I also now have an IMDB page of my very own. Why not take a look (not that there's anything interesting on it) here.


Alex in Movieland said...

my new belief in life is that it all happens for a reason. it has been proven to me more than once...

so cool with the imdb page. I was thinking of doing one of myself at one point, even thought my ambitions go more towards writing.
But just for the fun of it... And I would've filled it up with photos - Right now I need to lose a bit of weight, but as soon as I'm back in shape and with great photos, I'll probably make one for myself.

btw, when are you adding photos? :) isn't it a must?

Runs Like A Gay said...

Thanks for the support, Alex.

Unfortunately you need IMDBpro membership to add a photo and I can't really justify that expense right now - especially as I only have 1 credit.

As soon as I get a little bit more on the profile I'll get a pic up.

Alex in Movieland said...

Hope it works out well!

I'm curious though: in 2004 I was extra on this mini-series called Les rois maudits

the experience was not pleasant, I was quite young, but being on a set itself was nice. and I got to see Jeanne Moreau, cause I was in her scene.
So I'm curious if I'd want to, if I could add myself as Painter (Uncredited) and link a future page of mine to that. I guess not, right? :)

TomS said...

Sorry to be so late in checking in. Can you re-apply later? Are there other schools worth looking into?

No harm in continuing to audition...a lot of learning there too.

Let us know what happens....

Runs Like A Gay said...


I'm really not sure how it works. I can't even change my date of birth without having a birth certificate online! So I'm not sure if you can add yourself on (I was added by the producers of Cowboys).


Thanks for the support. That's it for this year, although I may well apply again for next years intake. You're right about the audition process being a learning curve in itself. I've learnt so much about myself as an actor just doing the auditions.