Friday, 15 April 2011

Something we all do (Out this week - 15/04/11)

Odd little week, without much exciting at the cinemas, but some independent US and overseas efforts keep the art-house crowd happy enough. With the latest block buster efforts from Catherine Hardwicke and Wes Craven fighting for the top spot I'll definitely be attending a multiplex at some point, but the film of the week is Little White Lies.

Little White Lies

Actor turned director Guillaume Canet amazed everyone with his 2007 thriller Tell No One and here gets the opportunity to follow-up with a multiple character mood piece as a group of bourgeois 30 somethings head to the coast to play fast and loose with the truth of their relationships. Marion Cotillard reminds everyone she's French.

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Meeks Cutoff

Michelle Williams (with a lab called Lucy) broke hearts in Kelly Reichart's relationship drama and now they have reteamed for this female centric look at the journey west taken by the early settlers. It's a very early horse in the 2012 Oscar race - be interesting to see if it's remembered at the end of the year.

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Red Riding Hood

With undertones of terrorism paranoia and the nature of sexual desire, Hardwicke's interviews about her new Twilight inspired Werewolf/fairy tale hybrid are more fascinating than most of the pre-release publicity. Still the costumes look fantastic.

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Scream 4

This is probably the biggest release I've heard of which has failed to screen the movie to Broadsheet critics prior to the release date. Anthony Quinn, writing for The Independent, is particularly pissed off by this, but it's hard to resist this belated sequel.

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Winnie the Pooh

Charming looking return to the seven acre wood we all grew up in, with Christopher Robin's adventures with his stuffed animals. The trailer exhibits how Disney aren't afraid to play with the traditional illustrations, including words from the prose getting entangled with the story. Definitely the best choice for kids this month.

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Cold Weather

Not strictly speaking mumblecore, but clearly influenced by the movement, this non-detective story with a brother-sister reuniting in Portland, Oregon over Conan Doyle and mutual friends has been highly praised by critics and festival goers and may just be a surprise worth looking out for.

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Your Highness

Poisonous notices have scuppered any chance this stoner-medieval quest movie has of making it's budget back. It's like The Princess Bride but with all the wit and carefully crafted characterisations taken out. God knows how Oscar baity actors like Natalie Portman and James Franco were persuaded to get involved. Avoid.

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And missed from last week:

Cold Fish

Japanese Black Comedy, supposedly based on a true story, that charts the differing fortunes of two aquarium owners as business and personal relationships descend into madness and serial killing. Askew glances to societal traditions in the far East are bound to come into play.

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Jose said...

He better have given his girl an amazing part! I expect her to be nominated for a Cesar at least!

Runs Like A Gay said...

Oh absolutely this has Cesar written all over it.