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Will he or won't he (Film News - 23/04/11)

Not exactly an exciting week for cinema stories, I guess the proximity to Easter/Passover and other spring based breaks has meant progress in the studios has been slow. That said I did here about a couple of new projects they may just make fascinating films in the years to come, or might just be my chace to ogle at muscly men.


Like Jason Statham for instance. Who is set to star for Taylor Hackford (??!!) in this big screen spin-off of Donald E. Westlake's series of novels. I say spin-off as the film will only use the central character (the eponymous burglar) as a starting point and will create it's own plot.

Parker himself seems like the type of rugged hero Statham was born to play, he is described as never stealing from those who need it - although quite how this will be shown in the movie remains to be seen - and he never kills. Unless he has to. So expect a high body count, and maybe he'll give some chage to a charity collector.

The main question of course is whether he'll find an excuse to rip off his shirt Transporter style. I'm guessing there's at least one scene where he shows off his stunning body (cue body)

and tries to prove he isn't gay by sleeping with an underwritten female character.

Read on for industrialists, mid-air heroics and the usual update of casting stories.

Aristotle O

The recent "Kennedys" series may have underwhelmed critically and commercially but it has renewed interest somewhat in that particular political dynasty and it's various connections, which ma go somewhere to explaining why an Aristotle Onassis (left) biopic is being planned by Branlio Mantovani and Fernando Meirelles (the writer and director combination of City of God). The Greek shipping tycoon famously wooed Jackie Kennedy following the assasination of JFK. Robert Lindsay has played Aristotle to great acclaim on the London stage over the last year, however I suspect any big screen adaptation will go for bigger names in the main roles.


Licking his wounds after the disasterous box-office performance of the 3D motion capture Mars Needs Moms and the consequent cancellation of Yellow Submarine producer Robert Zemeckis is preparing to return to live-action with this dramedy about the aftermath of a plane crash. Denzel Washington (who is currently in negotiations) will play the pilot of a passenger jet forced to make an emergency landing in part due to him being incapacitated on drink and/or drugs. Hailed as a hero in the headlines the film will focus on whether he admits to what happened or goes along with that. Sounds like a slight spin on Accidental Hero but with Zemeckis there to make the opening scenes exciting and a potential powerful performance of guilt and remorse from Washington (baring in mind he's been coasting in action movies for at least 5 years) this could be one to watch.

Casting News

It's been all go on the casting front. Ian Holm has been confirmed as Old Bilbo in The Hobbit, therefore proving there will be a section where Bilbo is old... And to my surprise (and believe me I'm feeling a little contrite about what I said in the past) Jeremy Renner will definitely be the Bourne substitute in The Bourne Legacy. Oliver Stone's Savages has picked up a impresive array of supporting players with John Travolta, Uma Thurman and Emile Hirsch entering the fray. Ralph Fiennes may be the Magwich we'll looking for in Great Expectations and finally Sam Raimi and the "studios" are squaring off about casting a minor role in Oz, the Great and Powerful - he wants Hilary Swank, they want Michelle Williams - given the role is for an elder witch I would pass over both of them and use an actress in her fifties, after all there are loads of them.

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