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Sorting out the rubbish - (Movie News - 09/04/11)

I'm in London this week - it's Baby Jesus Freak don't ya know? - so I'm doing one of those tricks where I attempt to complete the news report in an internet cafe - writing up the stories as I hit them. It's so exciting as I want to keep the costs down and writing becomes much more intense!


The biggest title grabbing my attention is the children's adventure novel by Andy Mulligan which is about to get the multiplex treatment under the watchful eyes of Richard Curtis (writing) and Stephen Daldry (directing). That's a fascinating combo and frankly I'd probably see anything those two would plan to work on together, but this story seems especially intriguing.

Three boys (Raphael, Gardo, and Rat) in an unnamed third world country struggle to survive by recycling rubbish from the vast refuse mountains outside the major city where they live - I'm not trying to offend anyone but I imagine the Jardim Gramacho outside of Rio at this point. When the boys find something special, and then refuse a large bribe from a local policeman to hand it over it sparks a chain of events that will require all their cunning and courage to survive.

Sounds like it could meld a searing attack on modern poverty with the ind of adventure games children like exceptionally well. I'll be keeping an eye on this one.

Read on for controversial mayors, a weird virus, lies-a-plenty, Conrad's muse, a lost architect, a stupid murderer, the Godfather of Soul and our regular review of casting news.

Politics and Pasta

The autobiography of Buddy Cianci, the former mayor of Providence, Rhode Island is stirring up quite a controversy with it's claims of rebuilding the city and constant battle with mobsters as well as a stint inside for racketeering. Expect the big screen version to be along soon.

Prisoners of the Sun

We knew there'd be another one - although the when question is still there, but Spielberg and Peter Jackson will be swapping director/producer roles for the Tintin sequel. The Secret of the Unicorn is not too far off and will be followed by Prisoners of the Sun. The plot involves a mysterious illness affecting explorers and an Incan treasure that may be connected - sounds typical Herge and will likely be a great choice.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

I'm not sure I believe this myself, but the proposed remake of Danny Kaye's serial fantacist 1949 movie may just be back on track. Ben Stiller has seen the script and is very keen to get it made with him in the leading role. I'm ambivalent about Stiller's talents, but hopefully this will be a vehicle that can point him in an interesting direction.


Joe Wright is making big plans for the next few years, with Hanna out in cinemas over the next few weeks he'll be turning his attention to Russian epic Anna Karenina. After that he's seriously considering a biopic of Sir Henry Morton Stanley, the explorer and journalist who "found" Dr. Livingston and who's journey into Africa inspired Conrad's "Hearts of Darkness".

The Tomb

Do you remember way back in early 2010 we mentioned a Bruce Willis project where he was a master architect locked in his own prison? Well, Bruce is out and former Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger is in, leading the 63-year-old's bid to return to the Hollywood elite. Apparently Antione Fuqua is still attached to helm, but given he has a Tupac biopic and a Chinese venture to complete first (see last week's news) expect a change of director soon.

True Crime

With Carnage having just wrapped Roman Polanski is already searching for his next challenge and seems to have stumbled on a Polish crime thriller. Based on a 2008 New Yorker article the film will follow the murder investigation after a body was found in the Oder river. The detectives eventually found clues in the published crime thrillers of the victims friend and colleague. Which just seems daft if he had done it..

Untitled James Brown Biopic

In completely regurgitated news is the largely unsubstantiated rumour that's Spike Lee's biopic of the great soul singer is still in the works (some five years since we last heard anything about it). Apparently Eddie Murphy and Usher are being considered to play Brown in various stages of his life.

Casting News

The names are starting to circulate for big screen Musical Les Miserables including Robert Downey Jnr, Anne Hathaway, Marion Cotillard and legendary British tenor Alfie Boe - expect plenty of rumours about this castlist right until the camera starts turning. Will Smith and little Jaden Smith have teamed up on M. Night Shyamalan's next sci-fi bustblocker One Thousnd A.E.. I realise Will wants his son to have all the advantages that he never had as a young actor, but surely he's seen M. Night's work and knows this will be a disaster. Catherine Zeta-Jones is the latest MILF to be wooed by Gerard Butler in Playing the Field. Penelope Cruz is planning to reunite with Woody Allen for his Rome set movie later this year, I can't work out whether that's a good thing for her.

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