Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Tuesday Trailers - Hanna

Can you believe it's April already? And the good news here we are on the first tuesday in April and I'm showing the first trailer for May releases - back on schedule. This won't last - as I type this there's nothing I'm looking frward to in June so it's going to come to a crashing halt soon. In the meantime I'm psyched for Jow Wright's first foray into genre cinema with Saoirse Ronan as a mean killing machine out to knock off Cate Blanchett who shafter her father Eric Bana. I suspect there're more twists to be uncovered - and I don't mean Tom Hollander's ghastly wig.

Hanna is released on 06 May 2011.


Jose said...

I am dying to see this! Blanchett looks fierce and I miss her in good movies :(

Runs Like A Gay said...

We've talked about that before, I think. I'm a little concerned this is just the role she had in Indiana Jones just without the silly accent.