Thursday, 4 August 2011

Billy Bob Thornton

Happy Birthday to

Billy Bob Thornton

56 today

Obtuse and erratic, Billy Bob may be one of the most unusual people in Hollywood, slipping randomly between different styles of projects he occasionally comes across something very enticing. Right now I'm most looking forward to his next directorial effort Jayne Mansfield's Car.


TomS said...

Sling Blade was extraordinary work, before the camera and behind. I agree with you that he is a pretty erratic personality. I heard him give an unpleasant interview with a Canadian radio host, and it turned me off to him.

Runs Like A Gay said...

That radio interview is priceless, you couldn't have made it up.

In a way though I can understand his attitude, he was there to discuss his music not his film career (which would short change the other band members) however his behaviour was still deplorable.