Friday, 12 August 2011

Which side are you one? (Out this week - 12/08/12)

For the record I am unlikely to go to the cinema this weekend, busy busy busy with one thing and another and whilst there are three movies that look good enough to spend some dosh on it won't be me that does that. Hopefully my title links in some - admittedly loose - way to each of those releases. If I had to choose, and I suppose I should given the nature of this regular post, the film of the week would have to be Elite Squad 2: The Enemy Within.

Elite Squad 2: The Enemy Within

The clearest link goes to this pounding Brazilian police procedural which broke box office records in it's home country last year. Dealing with the battle against drugs in the favellas and corruption within the force even the trailer had my heart pumping.

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Rise of the Planet of the Apes

I hope that British Wonderkid Rupert Wyatt, who's been handed the reins on this tentpole release on only his second movie, succeeds in winning the box office battle this week at least. James Franco and Freida Pinto are ostensibly the stars in this origin story but it's Andy Serkis - in full performance capture mode as Ceasar - who's taking the lion's share of the plaudits. John Lithgow also stars.

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The Salt of Life

None more French comedy about a middle aged (married) man desperately trying to become a philanderer and finding out the hard way that dating is a young mans game.

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Beautiful Lies

More French giggles - is it that time of year - with Audrey Tatou reminding us how lovely she is by accidently setting up the local hunk (who has a crush on her) with her lovesick mother.

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The Devil's Double

Dominic Cooper - that nice one from Mamma Mia! - makes a bid to be considered a serious actor in this Iraqi Gangster movie playing both Uday (Son of Saddam) and his double Latif. Looks interesting enough, however seems to avoid the political and historic context in favour of making a good story.

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Bollywood drama with a really stirring Hindi trailer, which even though I didn't understand the words had a very clear plot regarding the political and cultural pressures on a large school.

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Less effective at marketing itself is this Tamil drama, which I can find no plot synopsis or trailer, but it appears to be a family affair with R.B. Choudary directing his son Jeeva in a major role.

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The Smurfs

The iconic blue figures have done surprisingly well in box office performance over in the States, indeed it appears to be one of the most high profile successes this summer. I just hope it doesn't steal any audiences from the Apes movie.

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The Taqwacores

American indie movie about the Islamic Punk scene, based on the memoirs of a convert, that unfortunately has seen poor reviews take the steam out of a fascinating topic. Maybe a documentary might have worked better.

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