Friday, 19 August 2011

Of the Peace of Ireland (Out this week - 19/08/11)

I have very little option this week with the film of the week, obviously I expect the underperforming US genre mash to take the box office top spot, although the two TV spin-offs hitting cinemas this weekend will want a slice of the action, however the most intriguing movie with several weeks of success in the Irish cinemas and therefore film of the week is The Guard.

The Guard

It's easy to be blasé about John Michael McDonagh's indie mismatched cop story, but it has all the hall-marks of a classic of the genre. With Brendan Gleeson and Don Cheadle perfectly matched to rub each other up the wrong way. The most interesting off screen connection to note is McDonagh's brother Martin directed In Bruges also starring Gleeson.

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Cowboys & Aliens

Oh dear, the fallout from this expensive flop (apparently $200m was spent on the a movie that's only going to make $96m domestically) is quite broad ranging, from the closedown of The Lone Ranger to the panic over the box office draw of it's leading men Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig. That's what happens when you use a randomly generated selection of buzzwords to create a film, I guess.

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In a Better World

Susanne Bier's relationship drama may cover themes she's been to time and time again but who can dissect modern Danish families better, also this controversially won the Best Foreign Language film Oscar earlier this year. However in spite of all that pedigree the trailer looks a little overwrought.

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The Inbetweeners Movie

Aimed squarely at the fans of the BBC2 comedy series, and using the classic characters go on holiday tactic of opening the action to a 90 minutes session, there's certainly a market for this not-quite-cool boys on holiday lark. Not sure it's me though.

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Fascinating looking Japanese drama about guilt and redemption and the aftermath of a senseless, almost inadvertent murder, the two main suspects and what it means to love and sacrifice for someone. Could well be worth a second look.

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Glee! Live in 3D!

I was in two minds about even including this concert documentary, after all it doesn't appear to conform to my rules for inclusion in the breakdown of releases (no docs, no live shows, no re-releases etc) however after bombing in the States where it didn't even make it to the top ten in it's week of release and with the actors (including Gwynneth Paltrow but not Jane Lynch or Matthew Morrison) appearing as the characters they play in the TV series I felt it wouldn't hurt. No-one's going to see it anyway.

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Spy Kids: All the time in the World in 4D

I'm assuming the 4D element of this totally unnecessary kiddies sequel is time, in that it drags on and on and on. Plot appears to revolve around a magical sapphire that stops time and some drivel about step-mothers being spies. Charmless.

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TomS said...

I saw "In a Better World" last Spring (you'll find my review if you search through April's posts). I thought on the whole it was lovely; a little melodramatic at times, but I loved the two boy actors, and the moral dilemmas the film sets up were interesting.

Spy-Kids in 4-D...According to this morning's Tribune, I think the "4th Dimension" is some kind of smell-o-vision card...that's right... So be forewarned!

Runs Like A Gay said...

If only I'd known about the smell-o-vision before I'd have definitely gone to see it...

Who am I kidding. But I would at least lampoon it in the post...