Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Tuesday Trailers - Warrior

I honestly believe I may be the only person looking forward to this film. Even with just over a month to go before it slips into cinemas the internet buzz is surprisingly slight, and I've only seen one magazine article about it, but as I said way back when the idea of a mixed martial arts movie was first mooted by Gavin O'Connor this seems like an ideal opportunity to barely conceal inappropriate thoughts about some sexy guys. Now we know it's Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton I'm not sure how anyone can argue with that.

Warrior is released on 23 September 2011.


TomS said...

I would watch Tom Hardy reading a grocery list. My mouth would water just the same...
I'm not familiar with this movie...And the subject isn't really my cup of tea... But it looks better than the average "Rocky"-clone. Thanks for the trailer!

Runs Like A Gay said...

I just read there's going to be a coffee book released around the same time to celebrate the men of Warrior.