Sunday, 14 August 2011

Halle Berry

Happy Birthday to

Halle Berry

45 today

Ever since her historic best actress Academy Award in 2001 Berry's name has become a byword for the Oscar curse, turning up in preposterous big budget flops and now desperately seeking baity roles (mulitple personality disorders, recovering drug addicts etc.) in order to bring herself back into critical acclaim. That said the role I'm most interested in seeing her in is New Year's Eve the (not-really-a) sequel to Garry Marshall's Valentine's Day and with that shot from the trailer it's looking awfully like a TV medical drama isn't it? Teehee.


TomS said...

Berry was mismanaged after her Oscar win, in a film I found distasteful on many levels... She has talent, and it's too bad she could not find the right roles to suit it. By now, I have totally lost interest in her... I hope her new films don't disappoint you!

Runs Like A Gay said...

It's all just a matter of picking the right scripts, not just going for the cash like Cat-Woman. Still we all have mistakes on our CV...

I sincerely hope the New Years Eve does disappoint, but if this weeks news is right and she stars as Aretha Franklin then that could certainly be one to watch.