Saturday, 12 September 2009

Jennifer Hudson

Happy Birthday to

Jennifer Hudson

28 today

Jennifer is another esteened black actress who isn't getting the parts she perhaps deserves. But unlike Taraji she doesn't even gets roles from Tyler Perry - she yesterday's comments.

Here she is belting out the signature tune:


Alex in Movieland said...

one of the silliest Oscar wins of that category.

now I feel guilty for saying something bad after all the horrific things she's been through.

Runs Like A Gay said...

From the moment the film received the greenlight Effie White was going to win best supporting actress.

It didn't matter how good the performance was, who was in it or the general quality of the film.

Once you realise that it doesn't seem so bad that Jen won.

Alex in Movieland said...

well, 2006 wasn't that much of an Oscar. except for the Best Actress category, which was crazy good.

Anonymous said...

Alex, don't worry. We really do expect silly comments from very silly people. Jennifer Hudson deserves the Oscar she earned. The real low down dirty shame that it is. People can't see past her beautiful dark skin, and the fact that she is not a size 2. Jennifer Hudson is true real talent. One of the few we have in the industry with real talent today. Jen Hudson came out and played the role in dream girl at the right time. People are always hating on Jhud. There are a host of people who choose who win the Oscars. I won't you to know if they thought she did not deserve the award she would not have won. The young multi-talented artist is a powerhouse on the mic, and there is not a few can do it like Jennifer. The guilt you feel have nothing to do with Jen horror. It should be something you feel about yourself. Stop trying to take somone elsa shine, and create something for yourself. Jennifer Hudson is a true super star, and if you did not like her before. Then you dam show want like her now. Jhud is back and this time a round things are a little more personal for the star.