Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Tuesday Trailers - A Christmas Carol

The latest trailer for Robert Zemeckis' CGI Mo-Capped version of the Charles Dickens short story was released over the weekend, so here it is. I'm not completed sold by the trailer. The rendering doesn't look as good as Beowulf, and the cutting on the trailer seems a little fast, but maybe it'll still be OK up on the big screen. What do you think? Is no-cap a passing phase or is Zemeckis showing the way of the future?

A Christmas Carol opens on 06 Nevember 2009.


Quinn Cummings said...

I believe I have a book of you won. Please contact me at quinn@thehiphugger.com and give me a mailing address.

Sara J. Henry said...

Dear Runs, you can see that Quinn's fingers slip when she types: I think she meant "book that you won." Yeah, claim it, you'll love it! And tell her how you want it signed. Congrats! (Me, I already have a signed copy!)