Monday, 21 September 2009

Personal News (21/09/09)

I don't do enough personal news, or at least I haven't over the summer. I gues that's because I haven't really been looking for, or when I have been looking getting, work.

I've tried, applications sent out, couple of telephone auditiona, but to be honest my heart has not been in it. I've been stuck here in Melksham, running and looking forward to the autumn tour, knowing that anything else would have to be squeezed in before or held until after. And the fact that I shall be moving back up North also made the hunt easy to put off.

Thanks to this man - John Steinbeck dontcha know - I am back on the road today.

I will try and keep blogging over the next few months. All the birthdays and Tuesday trailers are written in advance, and I have the bare bones of the releases ready, but they will go out on Saturdays or Sundays rather than on Friday. I also have a review for Away we Go to post, but I'm too lazy to have done that over the weekend.

Please carry on posting comments and I will reply to as many as I can (probably more than I currently do) but there may be a delay. Love to you all, Ben. x x

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Alex in Movieland said...

I know how frustrating all this job hunting can be... been there. And I'll be there again.

So I wish you best of luck, buddy!!!