Saturday, 19 September 2009

Rosemary Harris

Happy Birthday to

Rosemary Harris

82 today

A couple of weeks ago we said happy birthday to Cliff "Uncle Ben" Robertson, so now it's the turn of Aunt May. Still no details from Spider-Man 4, but whilst there are question marks over her deceased husband I can't see how Peter Parker's favourite Aunt can't make a return.


Alex in Movieland said...

I've never went past 30 minutes of Tom & Viv (and as I don't have it with me in Greece, I won't too soon). but I'm curious about that Oscar nom and (probably honorary) National Board win

Runs Like A Gay said...

The nod is a little curious. I have managed to watch the film and I can see why they'd nominate Miranda but Rosemary smacks of a weak year.

There's one good scene near the end, where she down plays it very well but other than that it's haughty mother type lesson 1.