Friday, 11 September 2009

Out this week (11/09/09)

It's not exactly a titanic battle at the multiplexes this weekend, with only one film besting the magic 4 mark. Feels a little off when I look at the scores, though: Nora Ephron beating Kate Beckinsale kicking ass and Andrea Arnold's stunning follow-up to Red Road. The points structure can't be changed just for this week though so the top choice is Julie & Julia.


I'm not sure why, but I thought this had been released ages ago. I suspect that's because I pay too much attention to US release dates, although the fact that I clearly remember the mid to late 80's when this coming of age film is set is probably a factor. Whimsical looks at your own childhood always feel a little strange.

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Dorian Gray

Whilst the story of an eternally young aristo from the mid 19th century may incredibly popular and, with it's rotting picture in the attic, immensely cinematic, this is only the second time it's been the centrepiece of a major film. Why not go and see it to find out why.

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Fish Tank

Andrea Arnold's sophomore picture has been a critical hit on the festival circuit, including taking the Jury prize at Cannes. Whether the complex relationship between a teenage girl and her mother's boyfriend on a British housing estate will translate to any other sort of success remains to be seen. That's a shame, this one really should be seen.

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Julie & Julia

Will Meryl Streep be winning her third Oscar this year? Admittedly that's a question that pops up with alarminging regularity, but her spot-on impersonation of not just the mannerisms of TV chef Julia Chiles, but also her vivacity coule well indicate that it really is her year. It's still a Nora Ephron film, mind, so don't take my rating as an indication of the quality of the entire product.

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Miss March: Generation Penetration

The title really does say it all in this story about a buy waking from a coma to find his girlfriend in Playboy. When one of your key selling points is Hugh Hefner appearing as himslef you know there won't be the faintest smudge of good comedy here. I don't even think there will be good quality nudity, either. Terrible waste of premise.

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Gay happy slapping drama, filmed in Bristol and made by a 21 year old director. Whilst I've heard only good things about it, the trailer looks decided muddled. If you see two films set in the UK underclasses this week, then this will be the second showing.

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Sorority Row

A group of sexy girls, a last night of fun before they leave college, one shared secret with terrible consequences. Is there anything else you need to know? Why not watch one of the millions of films it's knocking off.

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I think the release has been cocked up badly for the Antartic set graphic novel adaptation. The trailer didn't seem that bad, but there's been very little advertising since, and even the big film mags don't appear to have reviewed it.

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By the way two of last weeks' releases disappeared from cinemas without actually opening, so no Coffin Rock or Nandhalala if you were looking forward to those. Bizarrely though this opened:

Chess in Concert

Essentially a filmed concert version of the 1980's concept musical presenting the tensions between the US and USSR as reflected in a World Chess Championship contest. Best known for it's UK No. 1 "I know him so Well" this version's was sung by Idina Menzel and Kerry Ellis.

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Alex in Movieland said...

Please, Meryl, please don't win an Oscar for this!!!!!!!
it WILL be considered between the worst wins of the decade if it happens. and she doesn't deserve that