Sunday, 9 May 2010

Glenda Jackson

Happy Birthday to

Glenda Jackson

74 today

I honstly thought I was going to be commiserating Ms Jackson this morning, her birthday being irrelvant following the loss of her job. However it's turned into a double celebration. On Thursday Glenda had one of the smallest majority's in the Labour Party (a nominal 1.1% of the electorate), and everyone thought this would be her last Election, but she managed to hold on to the seat with an even tighter majority of 42 votes. All this and two Oscars - what an amazing woman.


TomS said...

Wow, what a coincidence!!!! I can't believe today is her birthday...I watched "Women in Love" tonight, sort of a celebration upon hearing of her very slim victory.

I am pleased that we are both interested in this fascinating person.

By the way, keep us posted on your upcoming professional pursuits...I will highlight you on my pages whenever possible....

Runs Like A Gay said...

There often are weird coincidences on the birthdays, which can be quite nice.

She is a fascinating, if overly powerful screen performer. Although I'm hopelessly short when it comes to Glenda performances in my DVD shelves.

Thanks for the offer - it hardly seems worth plugging me from all the way over there (but if you have readers in the UK then it must be a good thing overall). I will try to keep the personal news stories going and will cetainly be letting everyone know when I get cast in things.