Sunday, 2 May 2010

Norma Aleandro

Happy Birthday to

Norma Aleandro

74 today

Argentinean actress and political activist, best known for her roles in the Oscar winning The Official Story from 1985 or 2001's Son of the Bride. She spent most of the 70's and early 80's in exile whilst the Military junta was in power. Nothing interesting coming up, but she was in The City of Your Final Destination with Anthony Hopkins and Laura Linney, which recently managed a tiny US release, and if that makes it over here I'll be going to that.


Alex in Movieland said...

whaaaat. no mention of her Oscar nomination? :)

i've had Gaby: A True Story in my computer for a looong time now and still haven't seen it (both because I imagine it's cheesy AND because i have it in shitty quality). but maybe one of these days...

Runs Like A Gay said...

I almost mentioned her nomination, but I didn't want to seem to obsessed with the Oscars. Besides I know most of my readers (especially you Alex) know far more about the history of the Academy than I do.

I don't know anyone whose seen Gaby. I think it must be one of those mid-eighties pictures that honestly no-one can understand how they picked up a nod.