Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Tuesday Trailers - Thor

The last trailer I want to show this month brings us right into the blockbuster season for 2011. Oddly this doesn't look like a great season, I know I'm going to see fewer of the big hitters this year than in previous summers. And yet, in spite of the dodgy CGI in this trailer and my ignorance of the surce material, this is one that I do want to catch. Maybe it's because Black Swan got me completely hooked on love interest Natalie Portman - or maybe it's because Chris Hemsworth has fascinating pecs!

Thor is released on 29 April 2011.


Jose said...

I'm with you for the same reasons: Natalie and the pecs. I also like the hammer too, sorta...

Runs Like A Gay said...

I'm guessing it's not the sort of hammer you can pick up at B&Q? In which case I'm interested in finding out what it does.

The pecs still have me hooked though.