Saturday, 29 January 2011

20 for 2011: 2 - Dream House

Straining the credibility of my countdown at number 2 is Dream House.

I've been very lucky with the timing as the first shot of Dream House was released just this week, don't Daniel and Rachel look awfully vexed to you? I'm quite partial to high quality drama based direcors slumming it, and after the excellent Brothers I think this is Jim Sheridan's chance to have a bit of genre fun.

The premise involves stars Craig and Weisz moving into their dream property only to find out from the neighbours (Naomi Watts and Martin Csokas) that the previous tenants went on a Manson like killing spree. Oh, and there's a group of cult supporters of the imprisoned mass murderer who keep turning up. Cue some dramatic changes of character and nice jump cuts.

I'm hoping that the mix of Sheridan and thi fine cast indicate there's a quality script from David Loucka underneath the tired cliches of a plot. (Although frankly without this could still be a couple of hours of hokum and fun.)

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TomS said...

I will hazard my guess. Since my most anticipated film is Terrence Malick's Tree of Life, and since you have excellent taste, I will guess that this is your #1 also. If you need my address again, let me know, LOL! Thanks...