Sunday, 9 January 2011

20 for 2011: 20 - The Dilemma

The first film (and effectively the lowest ranking) on the 20 most anticipated films for 2011 is The Dilemma. It's also going to be upon us soon, with a UK release date of 21 January 2011.

There are always a few films in my most anticipated list that require some explanation. It's not just a question of why I rank them in a particular order but why I would even include them at all. What could I say right now about the unholy alliance between Ron Howard and Vince Vaughn that could persuade you this film might be worth seeing?

I don't believe it can be done. Even my own confidence in the project has been under pressure from my subconscious. At first I thought it was a great concept - do you tell your best friend if you find their wife is having an affair? It's a situation we must all have faced at some point. Then the cast and director were announced: Ron Howard's OK, and family comedies are what he used to do best (remember Parenthood?) but he's never an exciting director and the combo of Vince Vaughn and Kevin James is quite horrid (although Winona Ryder and Jennifer Connelly are good value in the female cast).

Finally the first trailer arrived with it's "Gay" joke. I confess I now want to see this movie out of morbid curiosity rather than genuine enthusiasm. Will this be the first stinker of 2011?


TomS said...

Maybe it's still the Opie factor, but I was never excited about Ron Howard as a director. His films seem pre-packaged, over-commercial, and without much creative vision.
I most likely will avoid "The Dilemma".
By the way, have you started your contest to guess your #1 Most Anticipated?

Runs Like A Gay said...

Competition won't open until we've counted down to number 6, need to take 14 more films out of the equation, don't want it too difficult.

And given all of the top twenty have been mentioned in news posts I need to give people time to look back.