Saturday, 8 January 2011

The Voice of the Nation (Out this week - 07/01/11)

Suddenly we've stumbled into 2011, into the thick of the prestige awards season and naturally the quality of the films has increased. Whilst there is no doubt which of this weeks movies seems to be the most interesting you could easily see 5 of them and not be really disappointed. You may notice as the weeks go on that I have slightly changed my scoring mechanism - this should aid films that previous would have got between 1 and 5 blobs, although this week you can't tell because the overall quality is excellent and we also have a one blob that couldn't get anything more! I went to the cinema last night and the biggest queues and consequently the box office champ (I just love anecdotal evidence) is set to be Danny Boyle's latest but my top pick would be

The King's Speech

It's been winning audience awards at festival after festival and is hotly tipped to be among the top performing films at this years Academy Awards. It's also a fascinating look at the relationship between George VI (Colin Firth) and his speech therapist Lionel Logue (Geoffrey Rush). Helena Bonham Carter completes the acting trio headlining the movie.

Runs like a Gay Excitometer: ●●●●●●●●●○

The Next Three Days

Russel Crowe can't cope with his wife behind bars so decides to break her out in this English language remake of the French thriller Pour Elle. Almost certainly hokum but will it be enjoyable hokum?

Runs like a Gay Excitometer: ●●●●●●○○○○

127 Hours

Danny Boyle dares to bring the true story of Aron Ralston to the big screen complete with (spoiler alert) graphic scenes of bone sawing. James Franco spends almost the entire film alone as the clock ticks for our trapped hero.

Runs like a Gay Excitometer: ●●●●●●○○○○


Diego Luna's directorial debut broke Mexican opening weekend records back in 2010 when it opened to universal praise. With it's tale of shifting family dynamics in modern Mexico and it's focus on the young boy in the family this could be one to watch.

Runs like a Gay Excitometer: ●●●●●○○○○○

It's a Kind of Funny Story

Keir Gilchrist is the teenager who checks himself into a mental institution following a bout of suicidal thoughts. With Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck directing and Zach Galifrankias and Viola Davis offering support it's difficult to know where this teen One flew over the Cuckoo's Nest is heading.

Runs like a Gay Excitometer: ●●●●●○○○○○


Not to be confused with Abel above this is a French movie about three key sensual moments in our heroine's life, it almost looks like arthouse porn as "her carnal search sways between reality and fantasies becoming more oppressive".

Runs like a Gay Excitometer: ●●●●○○○○○○

No One Killed Jessica

In our first Bollywood release of 2011 I'm guessing that Jessica is already dead but the provenance of her departure is in question. It's a thriller not an inquest by the way.

Runs like a Gay Excitometer: ●●●○○○○○○○

Season of the Witch

On the flipside to January seeing the release of award fodder we also get some prime turkeys that the studios struggle to find the best time to release them. Nicolas Cage is outacted by his wig in this 14th Century action horror.

Runs like a Gay Excitometer: ●●●○○○○○○○

Midgets vs. Mascots

Dire looking sub-Jackass mockumentary about two teams (Midgets and Mascots, natch) competing for a place in the will of a millionaire porn star dwarf. Probably not how Gary Coleman would like to be remembered.

Runs like a Gay Excitometer: ●○○○○○○○○○


TomS said...

Oh Ben, I am so afraid you will go into this with imposssibly high expectations (like I did). For me, it turned out splendidly. I hope we find ourselves on the same side on this one!!

TomS said...

"King's Speech", that is :)!

Runs Like A Gay said...

I'm not overly sure when I'm going to see it - went to see two of the others over the weekend so will have to catch up next weekend or in the week.