Saturday, 22 January 2011

What happened to my sweet sweet girl? (Out this week - 21/01/11)

It's not an awfully surprising choice as the top film this week, Darren Aronofsky's latest ballet mindf**k is a cinematic must see. That said there are a lot of films out that may be worth seeing after the jump. There's also been a mini festival of Bollywood entries that I've missed off from the last couple of weeks so go through the jump to find out what you're missing. Although if you take my advice you'll just see the film of the week: Black Swan

Black Swan

I saw this last night and am now unable to gets it's imagery out of my fevered brain, plus I keep scratching at my back. When a simple movie is able to get into your subconcious in that way it is simply impossible to ignore.

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The Dilemma

It made it into my top 20 for 2011 with it's concept alone, the reviws have been poor and Vince Vaughn with Kevin James isn't far off from a satanic punishment. That said Channing Tatum looks hot and this is the second best Winona Ryder film of the week.

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Get Low

Robert Duvall gets his first starring role in over 15 years as the mysterious hermit who returns to his local town in order to arrange his funeral (which he will attend whilst still alive). Bill Murray and Sissy Spacek are among the supporting players.

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Morning Glory

Critics are mixed on this TV newsroom-set romcom, those that compare it to Broadcast News or who value the santity of reporting are sniffy, those who take it at face value have been quite positive. I'll have to see for myself.

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John Carpenter's The Ward

80's synth fans rejoice, the mast of stalker horror has returned after a ten year sabattical with a maniacal killer loose in a psychiatric ward story. Probably derivative, but with Carpenter at the helm expect some nifty scares.

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Dhobi Ghatt

Lyrical looking hyperlink drama from Bollywood with four interlocking Mumbai-set stories. Trailer plays down the traditional feel with a seductive, plaintive soundtrack.

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Low budget British indie from Sophomore director Col Spector, about a jilted bride groom spending the two weeks honeymoon moping around London getting over it. The sort of work that would fit in nicely at Sundance if it were set in New York.

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I Spit on your grave

Notorious video nasty and rape revenge fantasy of the early 1980's gets a twenty-first century makeover. Expect the gore to be upped and the subtext dumbed down.

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Tamil film, translates as The Bodyguard. The trailer is full of action scenes and comic sidekicks, but nothing that looks vaguely like a plot.

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My Soul to Take

I'm not sure whether Wes Craven's cinematic return has actually made it to cinemas. There are no reviews anywhere and it isn't showing on any listings. Given it's appalling US business that's probably a good thing.

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Or Non-Educated Delinquents. Peter Mullan's Scottish gang coming of age drama has a lot of high profile fans, mainly because of the superb central performance of first time actor Conor McCarron. Will almost certainly be lost in the shuffle of this weeks releases.

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14 January 2011

And some Bollywood late entries that I missed out on:


More Tamil action this time based against the backdrop of competitive cock-fighting. I'm not sure I can in any way support this one.

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Isi Life Mein

Professional looking trailer with lots of dancing for Bollywood movie espousing living life to the full. It's a romcom about a couple from different walks of life, naturally.

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I can't find a synopsis anywhere for this Indian release. The trailer indicates a police corruption plotline with some pretty nifty Saw like weaponry.

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TomS said...

Ben...I now KNOW you are a kindred spirit... I was haunted by "Black Swan" too, and lately have decided that this would be the greatest surprise, should Oscar voters feel the same way, and put it over the top. Can't wait to read your review...

Runs Like A Gay said...

Black Swan is an enormous achievement, I'm not sure if it's the best film of the year, but it's certainly the best example of what film can do.

Alex in Movieland said...

i didn't go crazy for the film.
there's something about Aronofsky: to be his direction is always better than the film as a whole :)

Natalie is best and will kick Annette's ass, but I am secretely hoping for Annette to make a comeback, just because.

Runs Like A Gay said...

Oh Alex,

I don't know what you're going to make of my review (coming Wednesday).