Sunday, 2 January 2011

2010 in Review and Top 20 for 2011

Can you believe we've come stumbling into the light at the end of 2010? It's been a long year with plenty of positive and negative surprises, there were some films that I was really looking forward to that came as a terrible disappointment (hello Robin Hood and Whatever Works) and some that came out of nowhere to steal my heart (neither of my top two films were on the radar when they were beign made).

As I said on Friday I've not seen as many films this year as usual, in particular I only saw one foreign language film (the Swedish one everyone saw) and that's something I plan to work on in 2011. I must remember that 60% of movies released are made outside of America where just 16% of the films I saw were, which includes British films. I need to be more open to different cultures and new experiences.

Over January I will be completing two annual events for the blog, which will also have the opportunity for your participation.

2010 in Review

Like most self-obsessed actors I dream of one day being accepted by the industry as one of their own, and eventually being invited to join the Academy. (I know, I know, but I can dream). Part of that dream would mean having my own ballot, my opportunity to give my opinion of the best performances and best films of the year.

Well, until AMPAS notice me I guess the only place I can say what I think is right here. So, starting tomorrow (Monday 3 Jan) I'll give you my votes. Of course they won't follow the Academy rules - I'm using the films I've seen and not just the ones eligible for this years which means many of the actual nominated movies from 2010's ceremony have the opportunity to appear on my ballot this year.

As I am an actor I will only be voting in the fields of which I would be able to vote if I were a member (acting and best film) there's no point in getting above my station.

At this point I would like to recommend a performance that is ineligible for the awards yet moved me to tears:

No, not Richard Gere, but Hachi the Atika puppy from the film of the same name. This little dogs personality shone through in the film and it was nearly enough to make me go out and buy one.

20 for 2011

When I get to the end of my ballot we will kick off my top twenty most anticipated movies for 2011. This is always a contentious list of film programming that most people disagree with: which is pretty much why I like doing it. Between 9 and 30 January we will countdown those films that I am most looking forward to at this point. There are a number of criteria which potential films must meet in order to make it to the list:

1. It must be dated 2011 on imdb: This is tricky as there are a number of films coming out in the next couple of months here in the UK which are 2010 US releases some of which made it to my list in 2010 (Black Swan, Hereafter) but some did not (True Grit, Next Three Days) all of those would be in consideration if they were eligible. It also knocks out Darling Companion whcih is dated 2012 on imdb.

This first rule means the top 20 ends up being out of line with the year in review. From last years top 20 I have seen just 10, seven more have release dates between now and the end of March and one of the other three looks like it's going straight to DVD! I won't say which until it happens.

2. It must be filming or in post production according to imdb. So I'm sorry Kathryn Bigelow but Triple Frontier won't make it. This rule is mainly about trying to avoid films appearing in two lists, I simply don't believe you can get a project completed in such little time. This year there are no carry overs from last years list.

3. I have to be interested. Yes my choice is final. That's the way it is. I don't care how many people want to see Fast Five or Transformers: The Dark side of the Moon. I don't. Live with it.

Last year we had a readers competition for guessing the number one and I sent the joint winners some chocolates. This was a disaster as only one pack got through the post. (Sorry to Andrew and Alex - I still feel guilty about that). So this year there probably won't be a prize like that. However I will still have the competition so I want some ideas for prizes - it could be something as obvious as a voucher or maybe something cruel like making me review Fred: The movie. Whatever it is have a think and start posting ideas of what you would like when you're responding to the 20 films.


TomS said...

Ben I am SO looking forward to this again! Hmm, let me think of an appropriate prize... I enjoyed the last one a lot...but I realize the difficulty of the mails... Maybe, a chance to do a guest post for you, a review of a movie of your choosing?
(Of course, I still love chocolate...)

Runs Like A Gay said...

Hi Tom,

It's one of my favourite times of the year and I love running the competition.

A prize that invlves someone else doing the work, now that's a great idea!

Ben x

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