Friday, 14 January 2011

20 for 2011: 15 - Win Win

The only Sundance entry on my list is number 15 Win Win.

It's difficult to know what to expect with this one. Thomas McCarthy's last two directorial outings have been the small scale dramas The Visitor and The Station Agent, both of which received plaudits for the initimacy of the vision, themes of lonliness and the performances he elicits from the cast. We should expect all of these comments to continue with Paul Giamatti taking the lead role of a disillusioned attorney/high school wrestling coach who lucks onto a major case which then gets a lot more complex than he first imagined.

It should be a meaty role for Giamatti, the sort of thing he does as bread and butter work, and for him alone I would probably recommend this one. I expect we'll hear more from Sundance soon.

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